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DocSys was born of necessity.
Parent company Builders Architectural, a top glazing contractor located in Chicago, needed help.

A 10 year accumulation of documents from completed projects was overwhelming and information was difficult to find.

This was obviously not an acceptable solution for a high-tech company which routinely encloses major highrises in highly engineered glazing systems.

Thus DocSys was born.

After research and experimentation, equipment was purchased, software and hosting solutions were implemented, and the glut of specs, architecturals, shop drawings and warrantees began to ebb.

Now, a 12' x 20' room formerly jammed with unwieldy paper is production space. Images of all that paper are organized and hosted on a secure remote server, backed-up daily, and available to authorized users 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

This incredibly valuable service is now being offered to you.
No matter how large or small your company, DocSys can help.
Call 847-945-9200 ext 229 now.